Your professional Status of journalist 

Our services are exclusively reserved to the Members, it can help you to facilitate and formalize your journalistic work, whatever your status is : you are a freelance, investigator, photographer, reporter, reporter of images, publisher, editor or blogger … our services are for you

Your status as a professional journalist will be useful :

– To cover a cultural, sporting, political, economic or societal event.

– To make and sell reports or photos made in the public or private space  at an event that you cover.

– To obtain specific or permanent press accreditation from an organization.

Your Press status gives you

The right to investigate and collect information to inform the public

and make your productions under protection of 

– US Copyright & the Press Copyright

– Texts regulating the protection of journalistic sources. 

Two status of journalists are offered to our Members

The status of journalist granted to our members, comply with the functional definition of journalism recognized by 167 states signatory to the UN Charter on the rights of the press (ONU June 4, 2012 – A/ HRC/20/17).

This status is internationally recognized, formalized by a certifed press certificate and the international press card. 

1° – Press Reporter

investigators, freelance photojournalism, audio, video, multimedia, report…

By choosing the journalist status (Press reporter), you will receive a legalized certificate of your status as a journalist.

This certificate allows you to accomplish reports and write articles and take pictures under the press law, which protects your rights and media rights exclusively in the copyright.

Choose your status as Press Reporter and Put your accomplishments:

Under the protection of laws on copyright and press law

The right to collect information and inform the public

Protection of journalistic sources


2° – The Reporter Correspondent

By choosing the journalist status (Reporter Correspondent), you will receive a legalized certificate of your status as a journalist.

When you want to cover the exclusive news of an organization

It gives the reporter status right the many advantages such as

The status of Reporter Correspondent, eligible for many benefits According to the organization “ sports federation, union, political party, local community ..”  to have priority information, invitation press, permanent accreditation, deducting professional expenses …

This situation is selected depending on acceptance criteria and advantages accorded to journalists in their country of residence.


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           (1) See The Right to collect information and protection of journalistic source

           (2) « Journalism is a function performed by people of all walks of life including professional analysts and reporters on a full- or part-time as well as bloggers and other individuals who publish themselves the product of their work, in print, on the Internet or otherwise. The general systems of compulsory registration or licensing of journalists by the state or services of a State are incompatible with paragraph 3 of Article 19 of the ICCPR Adopted on 16 December 1966, entered into force on 23 March 1976 and ratified by 168 States. »