Exclusive tools and services for journalists

In addition to the legalized Status of journalist, the International Press Card and  the Press Credential services (press Accreditation)  Workpress offers to its members many services and tools to facilitate, simplify and value their journalistic activity.



You can get the secure communication tools that identify you  immediately as a professional journalists.

    – Business cards registered and issued by the press agency
    – One or more professional e-mail covered by the protection of sources: your
    – Phone number and fax equipment, postal address Agency
    – Forwarding incoming calls to your direct number
    – Inscription : World Media Directory, Benn’s Media, ISNI


Factoring Press

The service (re) factoring is very simple. The Agency or the company specializes invoice to your customer your service and ensures encashment.

The service (re) factoring Press  is widely used

    – To bill only press services (ex. Freelancing, Reportage …) whatever the wording of (re) facturing received by your client (ex. Service PR, animation…).
    – To sell items or pictures registered on your name or  under your pseudonym.
    – For journalists located in a “sensitive” country, the invoicing to a foreign or local media is a problem.


Simplified and automated protection of Copyright

To protect a creation, at lower cost, by timestamp and deposit with the Copyright Office services. We offer to our members a special access to SMART Press Copyright services used by thousands of journalists and media all over the world.


Take advantage of tariff reductions accorded to the press and media

Our partners provide dedicated services and / or tariff reduction for our Members : Hotel, transportation, vehicle rental, courier, computer equipment, insurance, factoring, copyright registration…




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