National or International  Press Card

Assistance and presentation of files intended for the various authorities issuing national or international press cards is a free service.

This assistance offered by WorkPress to its members and to the collaborators of the media members of the network.


International Press Card, for whom?

The international press card May be accorded to any citizen who Collects, analyzes and / or produces information that can be exported to the public, whatever the method of publication of this information, Published directly (blog, publishing) or published by the media, whatever the way (press, written, network, Radio / TV or Agency, etc…).

The international Press Card may be obtained by a freelance, investigator, analysis, Investigator, photographer, reporter of images, publisher, editor and blogger, etc… (2)


The Press Card for what purposes?

– A national or international Press Card attests to your status as a journalist.

– The Press Card facilitates access to the sports and entertainment arcades, political and cultural events, enable you to collect information and comment on current events.

– The Press Card attest that the documents with you “files, documents, computer, mobile phone,etc.” can be preserved by the law of the press and the protection of journalists sources (1)

– The Press Card attests that the holder is a professional journalist.

– In many countries, a Press Card entitles you to many benefits reserved for journalists : Transport, travels, hotels and car rental, Express courier, etc.

An International Press Card for what purposes?

– If you are a freelance journalist, freelance photographer or work internationally, WorkPress will offer you your attachment to an international media as an “associate editorial” member or local correspondent.

– These functions, with no relationship of subordination or employment contract, guarantee you total independence, while allowing you to take advantage of your collaboration with this media when you need accreditation or authorization to cover an event.

– You can use the multilingual Accreditation request services to obtain and formalize the requested documents. These centralized services are offered to members and media collaborators who are members of the WorkPress network. Visit: Press Accreditation Service  


Individual SOLO Membership

Syndicale SOLO Union Membership is intended for journalists, photojournalists, freelancers, investigators, analysts, columnists, image reporters, editors, editors or bloggers…employees, volunteers or freelancers.



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                     (1)  The Right to collect information and protection of journalistic source

                      (2) « Journalism is a function performed by people of all walks of life including professional analysts and reporters on a full- or part-time as well as bloggers and other individuals who publish themselves the product of their work, in print, on the Internet or otherwise. The general systems of compulsory registration or licensing of journalists by the state or services of a State are incompatible with paragraph 3 of Article 19 of the ICCPR Adopted on 16 December 1966, entered into force on March 23, 1976 and ratified by 167 States. »