Messagerie e-mail pour journaliste détenteur d'une carte de presse

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  • For-Press-Only® email

    For-Press-Only® email

    Your correspondents will immediately identify your quality of journalist, photojournalist, ...
  • Encrypted & secure

    Encrypted & secure

    Encryption of exchanged messages, attachments and archived data.
  • Universal access

    Universal access

    Access your encrypted emails on any device, anywhere.
  • 100% open source

    100% open source

    "No cloud", "No GAFAM" - Open source audited - Data hosted in the EU

WorkPress members can create an e-mail account reserved for journalists.

Get your For-Presse-Only email now, as a WorkPress Member, 50% of your subscription to this service will be supported by WorkPress.

Other Journalists holding a Professional Card, a Press Card or a member of a media editorial staff can obtain an e-mail account For-Press-Only®. Obtaining conditions for non-membersPrice 



Access your encrypted emails on any device, anywhere

Cryptez automatiquement tous les e-mails et pièces jointes en toute transparence pour le destinataire

Connect via your favorite web browser: MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS …


Description of services


Professionalize your exchanges in a press area:

Your journalist status is immediately identified by the recipients of your messages;
– a choice of exclusive e-mail For Press Only in line with your activity: journalist, photojournalist, audiovisual reporter, press editor, blogger…;
multilingual press email : tv-reporter, fotoperiodista, blogger-press… and national journaliste-fr, journaliste-fr, reporter-it.

Encrypted and secure data and exchanges:

Encrypt by default: The encryption used to ensure the confidentiality of messages and attachments is transparent to users;
Confidential emails: Send and receive confidential emails, no third party can access or intercept them;
Hosting constitutionally protected by EU texts regulating the protection of journalistic sources (Privilege Reporter). (1) 


  Multi-screen webmail, tablet, mobile design:

Management’ s web or mobile application interface optimized to simplify use regardless of the screen size;
– Secure messaging service helps you read, organize and send emails;
100% open source messaging service can be used without software installation;
– Compatible with all email client software:
MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail (Apple), Lotus Notes (IBM), Bluemail (Android) …;


 For-Press-Only®  email account


Non-member journalist
Without commitment
once a year
For-press-Only account
A personal account
25 email aliases
5 GB archiving
Encryption & Security
Encryption of messages
Encryption of transmissions
Archive encryption
No Cloud - No GAFAM
Journalist's privilege protection
Included services
Anti virus, Anti Malware
Configurable anti spam
Redirect received emails
Automatic answering
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  Who can get a For-Press-Only® email account? 

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